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SAS: Among the best of the biggest!

SAS: among the world's best for on-time arrivals!

SAS continues to achieve world-class punctuality!

SAS was recently named the world’s third most punctual airline for 2012 after both Japan Airlines and ANA by independent American flight statistics and analysis source Flightstats. We were also Europe’s most punctual airline three years in a row from 2009 to 2011. In addition, we were the world's most punctual in April and May 2012.

According to FlightStats, 87.91% of all SAS flights landed on time in 2012. This puts SAS in second place in the major European airlines category and in third place in major international airlines. Star Alliance was also in second place in the new airline alliance category.

"Although SAS did not finish in first place this year, we have still achieved a fantastic result and I am proud of all our staff who work hard every day to make sure we provide our customers with good punctuality," said Flemming Jensen, Vice President Operations at SAS.

 "Hard work month after month, commitment and focus make us one of the world's most punctual airlines, which is something we are very pleased about," he added while also congratulating the winners of each category.

Japan Airlines took first place among major international airlines and LOT was the most punctual in the major European airlines category.

"The FlightStats results clearly show that we offer our customers world-class punctuality and we have now set our sights on achieving first place in 2013," said Jensen.

We all know that time is precious, so for you to be on time is important and that’s why SAS makes punctuality a top priority. With 88% of all SAS flights arriving on time during 2012, we were better than BA, which managed 75% on-time arrivals. See how much time you save when travelling with us.

According to FlightStats, we were once again among the best in punctuality in 2012. In addition, we were the world's most punctual in April and May 2012.

We know that time is important and we work hard so that you can arrive on time while ensuring you an enjoyable and efficient trip. We will do our best so that 2013 will be even better!

SAS continues to be among the best of the best in on-time arrivals!

For three years in a row, SAS was named Europe's most punctual airline in the category of major European airlines by FlightStats.

Out of all SAS flights, punctuality was 88.22%. In 2011, SAS flew 239,320 flights and 208,972 were on time. Only Japanese carriers ANA and JAL were better among all the world's airlines.

Punctuality timeline


SAS punctuality in recent years:

2011: Europe's most punctual throughout the year. The world's most punctual in July and August.

2010: Europe's most punctual throughout the year. The world's most punctual in August.

2009: Europe's most punctual throughout the year. The world's third-most punctual.

2008 and earlier: Since Easter 2006, SAS has consistently been Sweden's most punctual airline and Europe's most punctual in 2007/2008.

Comparison of punctuality 2011Punktlighetstabell for 2012 totalt: SAS 87,58%, Norwegian 84,53%, KLM 87,73%, Lufthansa 83,47%

Source: 2011

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FlightStats, sources and statistics on punctuality

The figures in the statistics are taken from FlightStats Analytics and are based on arrival punctuality within 15 minutes. FlightStats documents the results of 150,000 flights every day. They provide statistics and analysis and real-time flight status to millions of travellers worldwide. For more information about FlightStats, please visit For more information about FlightStats' On-Time Performance Service Awards, visit



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